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Our movie library contains literally thousands of titles available to us through both Audio Cine Films (ACF) and Criterion Pictures.

Below are links to their own sites which will allow you to search their databases for films:

Criterion Pictures

(Dreamworks SKG, Paramount, Warner Bros, Alliance, Dimension, Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures Classics, 20th Century Fox, Maple Pictures, Nelvana, Castlerock, New Horizons, New Line Cinema, A&E Television Networks, CBS Theatrical Films, Miramax Films
and more...!)

Audio Cine Films (ACF)

(Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Disney Nature, E1 Entertainment, Les Films Séville Pictures, Summit Entertainment, ThinkFilm, MGM Studios, United Artists, Universal Studios Canada [MCA], Sony Pictures Entertainment and more...!)

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